Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lease period for graves at Gardens of Peace?

Gardens of Peace is a charity that owns freehold land for use as a muslim cemetery; its constitution forbids the use of the land for any purpose other than as a cemetery. So the concept of leases, as in other multi-denominational and council run cemeteries, does not apply.

If the concern is how long will it be before the grave is recycled, then please rest assured that this will not occur at least for a generation. This is consistent with both the law and shariah.

What should I do/not do, being a non Muslim attending a Muslim Funeral?

Detailed information on this can be found here.

What are your fees and what are the extra costs charged for weekend and bank holiday burials?

Burial fees are set out here. There are no extra fees for weekend or bank holiday burials.

Please note however that if a funeral arrives at the cemetery significantly later than the time booked, then a £100 charge will become payable – this is to cover the costs of keeping the staff at the Cemetery beyond their contracted hours.

Does burial have to be in shrouds? Why can't burial take place in a coffin?

In accordance with shariah burial at the Cemetery is conducted in shrouds.

The only occasions on which this is varied is when medical advice or directions from the coroner are received for burial to take place in a coffin.

I understand you used to offer funeral plans. Why don't you offer them now?

A limited number of funeral plans were offered under which graves could be reserved, when the cemetery first opened. This facility was withdrawn as we found that offering such plans adds to the burden of managing the cemetery.

Insh’Allah, there will be enough land at the current sites owned by the cemetery to meet the burial needs of the community.

I see so many donated benches but when I offered to do so I was told I can no longer do this?

As you can see there are already so many benches at the cemetery that there is little point in having more at this stage.

If you would like to donate on behalf of a loved one, then please consider sponsoring the planting of a tree or a rose, further details of which are set out on the Donations page.

What is the latest time for burial at the Cemetery

The latest time for burial at the cemetery is 4.00pm. This is to meet the planning conditions granted by Redbridge Council. We do not have any choice in this matter.

Are flowers and the burning of incense allowed at the Cemetery?

We do not encourage the placing of flowers on graves. This adds to the cost burden of maintaining the Cemetery as the flowers will have to be removed after a few days when they have wilted.

Why not instead sponsor a tree at the cemetery for the benefit of the deceased, or offer a donation either to the Cemetery or to some other worthwhile charitable cause? Such an act by you will be a source of recurring reward for the deceased.

Notwithstanding, we recognise some visitors will still want to leave flowers on graves. Under no circumstances however will plastic flowers be permitted.

The burning of incense is also not permitted at the cemetery as there is no basis in the hadith for this practice.

Where at the Cemetery do I leave Korans, kitabs and other religious items for disposal

Please note that we only accept religious material for disposal printed on paper. We cannot accept plastic, glass, metals etc. as we cannot deal with it. Please leave at the Cemetery Office.

It is sad for us to point out the obvious, that is visitors should not leave religious material in the dustbins, on the floor near the clothes bank, dump into the stream going through the cemetery, dump on the front steps of the Hall of Remembrance or the administration building or leave in the car park. We have come across all of these ways in which visitors to the Cemetery have disposed of religious material.