The Prophet (s.a.w) said “The real patience is at the first stroke of calamity” (Bukhari 2:389)

Funeral Services

Gardens of Peace provides the full range of funeral services in addition to burial plots at the Cemetery.

The funeral services  cover everything from the transport of the janazah to arranging and carrying out ghusl and the salatul janazah. We can also assist with the papework to obtain the “Green Form” that is required before burial can take place, by helping you to complete the registration of the death at the Registrar of Deaths.

A specially converted ambulance, donated to the Cemetery, will be used to provide the transport.

Alternatively family and friends can help with any or all of the above, in which case Gardens of Peace will assist as and when and in the manner it is requested to do so.

The charges for the funeral services together with the terms and conditions under which they will be provided can be found here. A funeral services form is also required to be filled in.